Cycle around Sussex 11-13/9

I went cycling around sussex, to test some of my equipment etc. and also have an explore. I went just to go really, but quickly found myself visiting every little village from Lewes to Beachy Head, and their tiny little village churches.

Wilmington churchyard contains one of the oldest yew tree in England, over 1600 years old. It's slowly collapsing under it's own weight, so it's held up with various chains and wooden supports. The vicar said they're undertaking more work on it this year. He also said it has been here since the Romans started to leave England. It's seen an impossible amount of lives come and go as it grows fat and old.

Many yews are found close to abbeys or in church yards, as they were considered holy trees by the Celts and often symbolise death and resurrection in Christianity – due to their ability to sprout again and put on new growth. Many yews are older than the ancient churches they grow near.

Wilmington church has the most amazing stained glass.

I saw the Wilmington Long Man too.

I also had to take some promo photos for my sponsors, which was actually really fun/a little strange.


some more photos