'Spaces such as the page, the plinth, the bench, the drawer, the body - and to a lesser extent the street - are understood to be connected to each other. The values and possibilities of one space are negotiated in the others, The body, for example, haunts the page the plinth, the bench, the drawer and the street; each space exerts a kind of gravitational pull on the other spaces, helping to shape the sense of what's at stake in each context.
If the street has a complex relationship o the other spaces because it introduces issues that sit uncomfortable with the artistic aspirations of the contemporary jewelry scene, then the world is effectively invisible even as it maintains an intimate relationship with each of these spaces.
While the world is a distant space, beyond the street, on the horizon, it's also close at hand, encountered when the jeweler leaves the bench and reads the newspaper or turns on the TV. The world represents the implications, responsibilities and possibilities of contemporary jewelry in the space beyond the contemporary jewelry scene,'

- p.75 Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective